Institute of Restoration and Conservation, Minsk, Belarus

Leonid Osseny

Born in 1948 in the city of Nizhny-Tagil, Russia. In 1963, Leonid became a student at the Ural College of Applied Arts, and later attended Belarus State Theater and Art University studying art and design. After graduating, he worked as an architect and restorer at the Belarus Institute of Renovation and Conservation. Since 1991, Leonid lives in Chicago where he works as an architect, designer, freelance artist and an illustrator.

Leonid Osseny’s art and research were recognized in numerous exhibitions nationally and internationally. Among them, shows at the ArchiTech Gallery, Chicago, the International James Joyce Symposium at the National College of Ireland, Dublin. Personal exhibitions at the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, Evanston Public Library and the Gene Siskel Film Center.

His work was published in the Joyce Studies Annual, Fordham University Press, and can be found in public and private collections in the United States and Europe. Several original drawings for James Joyce “Ulysses” are on display at the James Joyce Museum in Dublin, Ireland.


Please, contact the artist at LeonidOsseny @ gmail dot com